luni, 22 octombrie 2012

Burse CFA pentru studentii ASE - master DAFI

Dear DAFI Master of Finance students/candidates for scholarships for CFA Program:

On behalf of our faculty that helped in the previous 2011 selection process for 5 scholarships for CFA Program granted to 5 of DAFI students, we would like to announce you that the program is open for this year students also.

For prospective students/candidates, please note how the process works, for your reference:

· Candidates completed and returned their application form for signature. They provided a resume and a purpose letter (presented at interview) - as good additions to application.
· Based also on input from other faculty, in my position as a full time professor with your DAFI Program, I will recommend and sign the CFA Institute Student Scholarship Form - June 2012 Level I Exam, for best candidates enrolled into the current academic year.

In sponsoring their application, please be sure that I will strictly followed the CFA Institute policy on: "Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, or nationality is prohibited. Suggestions for criteria include financial need, scholastic grades, or essays. Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, or nationality is prohibited. Suggestions for criteria include financial need, scholastic grades or essays."

· Please note that signature for scholarship is not a guarantee of scholarship. Student candidates have to fulfill all proper requirements of the CFA Institute. Also please remember that applicants must fulfill all CFA candidate requirements to enroll and must confirm receipt of their degree in writing to progress to the next exam.

For your additional reference, please checked the CFA Institute website link that provides all info:

We would like the sponsorship program to be extended for future generations of students. Back in 1997, I had also the privilege to receive a scholarship from then the Association for Investment Management and Research (now the CFA Institute). That just-in-time support was an inflection point in my profession - that I am still very proud today. I am convinced that you and our future candidates will enjoy the outstanding professional privilege to be associated with the gold standard in the investment management profession – the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

To all of you: the local society of the CFA Institute – CFA Romania welcomes your membership applications. CFA Romania’s members are recognized as ethical, knowledgeable professionals of the investment and finance community. As a not-for-profit educational organization, CFA Romania’s mission is to educate and inform investment decision-makers, promote highest ethical standards in our industry, and assist financial professionals in their career development. It is a forum for education, information and communication centered on the needs of investment professionals and academics; it promotes awareness of the investment profession and the CFA charter and adheres to the highest professional behavior and ethical standards.

Dr. Adrian T. Mitroi, CFA, MBA
Associate Professor of Investments/Behavioral Finance, Master DAFI, ASE Bucharest, Romania
Secretary, CFA Romania. CFA Program exam Grader with the CFA Institute, 2002-

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