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Investment and Capital Finance in unusual uncertain times

Investment and Capital Finance in unusual uncertain times

Macro: Systemic vs. Unique Risks
Corporate: Risk vs. Return
Individual: Survive vs. Succeed
Decision making: Psi-Factors vs. Rational

The Course
• Faculty Name: Dr. Adrian T. Mitroi, CFA, MBA
• Contact Information:;

• Students will learn the role of modern finance in business development and management. From the use of micro-loans in developing economies, through local and regional service banks, to the role of national and multi-national institutions, students will learn how banks and capital market function. Special topics will include investment banks and the function of IMF, WB, ECB.
• The course prepares learners to understand the flow of capital affect the businesses where they work and the communities in which they live. Finance has evolved rapidly over the past decade in terms of methods, institutions, and the national economies in which major banks have emerged. This is an advanced course that builds on the basic graduate finance courses. Current economic context will be a core topic.
• The course will address in detail the subject of Behavioral Finance and its relevance in today’s financial and business environment
The content of this course aligns with the following program outcomes:
• Communicate effectively both orally and in writing with internal and external stakeholders
• Lead individuals and organizations to achieve business missions in a global environment
• Build, lead and participate in productive and diverse teams
• Leverage managerial effectiveness through recognition of individual strengths, values, business philosophy
• Use people skills to manage diverse work environments and navigate organizational politics.
• Capitalize on business opportunities in a rapidly changing environment by thinking critically and applying quantitative procedures and tools
• Recognize when information is needed; find, evaluate and use it to support continuous professional and organizational development.

This course supports the following learning goals:
Professional Competency
Professional Identity
Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Critical Thinking
Commitment to Ethical Practice and Service
Lifelong Learning

more on: Presentare Mitroi Investment and PsiFinance 2012.pdf

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