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Adrian Mitroi (CFA Romania): Cresterea salariilor este o promisiune doar pentru o parte a populatiei

Cresterea salariilor este o promisiune care se adreseaza doar unei parti a populatiei si ignora complet ceea ce se intampla pe partea privata, cea care raspunde si duce pe umeri cresterea economica, a declarat miercuri, pentru Agerpres, Adrian Mitroi, secretarul general al Asociatiei Analistilor Financiari (CFA Romania).

'As fi preferat oricand declaratii de 3-5% reducere CAS pentru ca impozitarea muncii este, in continuare, extrem de prohibitiva si de ridicata si cred ca mai potrivit ar fi fost ceva mai balansat valabil pentru toata economia. Economia are nevoie acum de crestere economica si de un suflu care sa fie cordial cu ambele parti, si partea bugetara si partea privata', a spus Mitroi, mentionand ca vorbeste in calitate de analist, profesor de investitii.
Potrivit acestuia, este o masura pe care nimeni nu o ia si toata lumea o va privi, in afara Romaniei, un pic indoit, 'o masura care nu se ia in conditii recesionare'.
'Pe de alta parte, este o nedreptate care s-a facut si care trebuie indreptata, insa salariile acestea trebuiesc compensate cu ceva cu incasari mai mari la buget sau cu cheltuieli mai mici, ori reducerea evaziunii fiscale. In concluzie, eu as fi preferat CAS, sa vad ceva valabil pentru intreaga economie si nu doar pentru o parte a ei', a explicat analistul.
Presedintele Traian Basescu a declarat miercuri, in Parlament, ca ar trebui gasite solutii pentru ca, in jurul datei de 1 iunie, sa fie reintregite salariile bugetarilor.
'La inceputul anului 2011, parte din sumele taiate din salariile bugetarilor au fost restituite. Cred ca este o datorie a mea si a dvs sa gandim si sa gasim solutii pentru ca, undeva in jurul datei de 1 iunie, sa reintregim salariile bugetarilor, chiar daca in luna ianuarie am avut un excedent fata de veniturile planificate in buget, in luna februarie am avut un minus de doua ori mai mare decat excedentul din ianuarie si, probabil, si in martie vom avea un minus de venituri in bugetul de stat. Dar el se datoreaza conjunctural situatiei meteorologice din luna februarie', a spus Basescu, in plenul Parlamentului.

Analyst: Wage rise is a promise for only part of population

The wage rise is a promise for only a part of the population and it completely ignores what is happening in the private sector, which is the one responsible and carrying the economic growth on its shoulders, Adrian Mitroi. secretary-general of the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA, the Romanian branch) told Agerpres on Wednesday.

Said Adrian Mitroi: 'I would have any time preferred to hear announcements of cuts in the social security contributions at some 3 to 5 percent, given labour taxation keeps on being extremely prohibitive and high and I think something more balanced, applicable to the entire economy would have been more adequate. The economy now needs growth and a breath that should be cordial to both sides, the public sector and the private sector sides'. He underscored he was speaking in his capacity of an analyst, of an investment professor.

He made the remarks after Romanian President Traian Basescu told a plenary sitting of Parliament earlier in the day solutions should be found to give back the public workers, by June 1, the percentages of their wages that had been cut in 2010 as part of austerity measures.

Mitroi said this is a measure nobody is taking and that everybody outside Romania will look at with some mixed feelings, 'a measure one does not take amid recession'. 'On the other hand, it is an injustice that had been done and must be set right, but such wages must be counterbalanced by something, by higher budget revenues or smaller expenditure, or by curbed tax evasion', the CFA official underscored. 

President Traian Basescu told Parliament on Wednesday that solutions should be found for the public servants' salaries to be made complete again about June 1.

'At the beginning of 2011 parts of the sums deducted from the public servants' salaries were given back. I think it is my and your duty to find solutions for us to make the public servants' salaries complete again some time about June 1, even if in January we had a surplus of the revenues that were planned for the budget, in February we had two times less than the surplus in January and probably in March too we shall have less revenues to the state budget. But it is circumstantially due to the weather conditions in February,' Basescu told the plenum of Parliament.

He said he was sure that the opposition too would understand it and that the Government and the Premier would consider the state budget, the way it is approved, and would be able to find the necessary resources without cutting investments.

'You will be able to find resources and at the end of the mandate you will be able to tell public servants that they have their salaries in once piece as you found them when you came to power,' also said Basescu, who assured the parliamentarians of his support in this respect.

Reactions: We need to restore pay rights to those who saw their wages cut in 2010 (UDMR)

We need to restore the pay rights of those who saw their wages cut in 2010, said on Wednesday, Vice President of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR, minor formation at rule) Laszlo Borbely, commenting the head of state's declaration concerning the recovery of former wages by public sector employees.

'I am glad that, after we insisted on higher salaries, I think that after today's speech by the President everyone will agree with what we, from UDMR, proposed two months ago, that we need to increase salaries and pensions. At the end of the first quarter, we are going to have a discussion in the coalition and, obviously, we will take the decision on the size of that raise. But our point of view is clear. Those who had their wages cut in 2010 must recover their rights', Borbely said.

Democrat Liberal Gheorghe Ialomitianu, former Minister of Finance in the Emil Boc Government until the appointment of the current prime minister, said that the measures required by President Traian Basescu concerning the recovery of wage cuts are feasible through a reduction of tax evasion and a serious analysis of the public money spending. He added that the Government must also pay attention to the measure on social security contributions reduction.

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